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Home Theatre Instalation

Home Theatre Installations

Upholstered Theater Seats  

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Whether it's a theatre in a hotel, conference center or in your own living room there is no room for compromise.  Sound manufacturing experts agree that wall coverings and acoustic sound treatment material is necessary to the success of any installation.  Wallsupholestered.com experts can design and install the necessary acoustic materials to provide the utmost in sound quality and beauty for any theatre, be it large or small, public or private.  Acoustical Coefficient for Fiberglass Treatment Chart

Padding is essential to most any instal
lation.  Padding can be as thin as 1/4 inch to as thick as 2 inches.  From a soft Dacron polyester padding for a lofty look and feel to a fiberglass solution to create a noise reduction coefficient (N.R.C.) of .80 to 1.05.  Fiberglass padding  also provides energy efficiency with a thermal performance R-Value of 4.0 - 8.4.  To learn more about noise reduction and thermal performance click here.


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