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Why the emphasis on acoustics in home theatres and places that
 feature sound reproduction? 

The answer is quite simple because the quality of loudspeaker performance is directly linked  it's surroundings; the speaker and the room are one. The  frequency response, imaging and spatial sensation we perceive, depend upon a combination of the sound emerging from the loudspeaker and the indirect reflected sound from the room's surfaces. 

The human brain, through the auditory system, processes both these direct and reflected sound bites to define the psycho acoustical emotions and sensations which we derive from sound.  A state of auditory euphoria if you will.

The addition of decorative wall upholstery is not only beautiful but is necessary to achieve the proper Noise Reduction Coefficient (N.R.C.).  A ratio of .35 to .95 is the acceptable standard.  

Many of our sound treatment installations boast wall speakers set at ear level with padding cut out around covered by fabric thus the speaker is invisible to the eye.

The more comprehensive the sound system, the more important it is to compliment it with proper room acoustic treatments to add not only beauty but enhance quality sound enjoyment for years to come.

Remember that as the cost of home entertainment increases, it is even more important not to compromise the electronics with poor acoustical design.